Positive attitude Despite the great hardships caused by his disability, he wasn't defeated. He has made remarkable contribution to the study of physics and become one of the greatest scientists. It is his strong will and perseverance that makes what he is now。
Last term I failed in an important exam. Looking at the score I got, I felt my heart was torn apart.
Although I was very disappointed, never did I think of giving it up. Instead, I considered it as a good opportunity to improve my study.
Because only through it was I able to see clearly where I was poor, which could help me stand from where I fell down. After that I worked even harder. Eventually my efforts paid off and I got a good score in the following exam.
公园收门票 I have recently interviewed some students about whether parks should charge visitors the entrance fees.
75\% of the students objected to the idea that visitors should pay for the ticket, because parks were places for people to relax themselves and walls needed to be built to prevent people from entering a park without tickets, which would damage the image of the city.
What's more, there was no doubt that it was a waste of labor selling and checking tickets. However / On the contrary, 30\% of the students were in favor of the idea. In their opinion, entrance fees could be used to pay the workers and keep the park green and clean.
你开心吗? Recently, we have made a survey among 1,000 middle school students on whether they were happy. 36\% of the students felt happy while 42\% of them didn't feel happy at all.
For the students who were unhappy, they faced many problems and the pressure from students and teachers. What's more, too much homework prevented them from taking physical exercise.
In order to make them happy, parents and teachers should show more concern about the students and students themselves should hold more active attitude.
TOM 的英语学习时间分配 The graph indicates the allocation of English study time for Tom. The graph indicates how Tom allocates his English study time. The graph indicates that the allocation of English study time for Tom isn't balanced / reasonable.
According to it, most of his time, 40\%, is spent on reading, while the least time, 7\%, on speaking. Writing comes second, which makes up 25\% of his time, and vocabulary and grammar are the same, each making up 15\%.
In addition, he spends the second least time, only 8\%, on listening. As far as I'm concerned, Tom should pay more attention to listening and speaking because they are also important.
学生健康问题调查 The graph indicates that the health of the students has become worse and worse in the past three years . … has gone from bad to worse…… .
The number of students who are short-sighted increased/ rose from
  78.2\% in 2002 to
  92.5\% in 20
36\% of the students suffered from overweight while the number rose to
  52.4\% in 20
  05. What's worse, nearly 10\% more students didn't have enough sleep and over 15\% more students had mentally problems. To keep health physically and mentally, students need …… .
经历及其品质 Sang Lan's story reminds me of Stephen Hawking, who is one of the greatest people in my heart. When he was 21, a terrible illness struck him, which made him disabled. He could no longer speak nor move his body. Faced with such extreme difficulties, he didn't give up. Instead he devoted himself to his research.
Despite the great hardships caused by his disability, he wasn't defeated. He has made remarkable contribution to the study of physics and become one of the greatest scientists. It is his strong will and perseverance that makes what he is now.
帮助他人的经历 One day on my way to school I caught sight of an old lady of about 60 standing at a crossroad, where the traffic was very busy. Although there were traffic lights, from her puzzled face I could tell that she didn't know what the traffic lights meant.
Seeing that, I immediately approached her and asked, "May I help you?" She nodded gratefully. The light turned green. However, as she was about to step forward with me, she hesitated again.
"It's Ok. I am here with you." I assured her. Then, I held her arm and crossed the road finally.



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  Positive attitude Despite the great hardships caused by his disability, he wasn't defeated. He has made remarkable contribution to the study of physics and become one of the greatest scientists. It is his strong will and perseverance that makes what ...


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2011高考语文总复习 考前写作好作文点拨 第二节 标题要夺目

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