学年高一上学期期末考试(英语) 湖南省师大附中 09-10 学年高一上学期期末考试(英语)
Part I ONE LISTENING COMPREHENSION SECTION A 10 points Directions: In this section, you’ll hear 4 conversations between 2 speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by 3 choices. Listen to the conversations carefully and then answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter (A, B or C) on the question booklet. You will hear each conversation Twice. Conversation 1
  1. How many languages has the man learned to speak? A. One. B. Two. C. Three.
  2. What is the man? A. A salesman. B. A guide. C. A college student. Conversation 2
  3. What are the students going to do? A. Have a dictation. B. Have an exam. C. Write a composition.
  4. What should the students pay attention to? A. Handwriting. B. Speed. C. Handwriting, punctuation and speed. Conversation 3
  5. Where does the conversation most probably take place? A. In the classroom. B. In a restaurant. C. In Miss Gao’s office.
  6. What does the man want to do? A. Make friends with Miss Gao. B. See Miss Gao. C. Know his son’s progress.
  7. What subjects is Tom weak in? A. Math and science B. Chinese and science. C. Chinese and music. Conversation 4
  8. How did the woman learn the news? A. From the newspaper. B. On the radio. C. 0n TV.
  9. How many people died in the earthquake? A. 20 B. 24 C. 16
  10. What are the two speakers most probably? A. Students B. Teachers C. Actors SECTION B 5 points Directions: In this section, you’ll hear mini-talk. Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you’ve got. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS. You’ll hear the mini-talk TWICE。
Bicycles Bicycles are very popular in . The advantages of bicycle parts of the world, such as
It’s conveniet to
  12. . People can get around enjoying beautiful scenery and
  13. at the same time. Before bicycles women wore
  14. instead of short skirts and trousers. The final result? Sports shorts.
  15., men and women had more opportunities to meet together. PART TWO LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE SECTION A 15 points Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are 4 choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
  16. You can feel better, look better and have more energy if you eat the right food and exercise . A. secretly B. perfectly C. regularly D. successfully
  17. It will be well worth trying you don’t succeed at once. A. unless B. whether C. in case D. even though
  18. If , the poisonous gas can cause people to be ill. A. breathing in B. breathed in C. breathe in D. to be breathed in
  19. We often have a heated discussion over the teachers say in class. A. whatever B. how C. which D. that
  20. Teachers should set a good example their students, because what they do and say has a great effect them. A. for; to B. for; in C. to; on D. to; to
  21. I’ ve won a holiday to Hainan next month, when I my mum with me. A. will be taking B. have taken C. take D. will have taken
  22. Jack, as well as his friends who fond of football games, traveling with the team. A. are; are B. are; are C. are; is D. is; is
  23. I wish I your advice last time, otherwise I wouldn’t have been cursed by others. A. took B. would take C. take D. had taken
  24. surprises me most is we won’t have any class this winter vacation. A. That; that B. What; that C. That; which D. Which; which
  25. It is about 150 days since we to the High School Attached to Hunan Normal
University. That’s to say we here for about five months. A. came; have been B. came; have come C. came; were D. have come; have been
  26. Healthy diet should some nutrition (营养素), sugar, protein and calcium. A. contain; included B. containing; including C. be contained; included D. contain; including
  27. Was it on 15 Octiber 2003 the Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei succeeded in landing on the moon? A. which B. what C. 不填 D. that
  28. In Shangri-la, there are vast grasslands the lakes, look like jewels. A. surrounding; which B. surround; that C. surrounding; which D. surround; that
  29. The math problem was the most difficult one I had ever met, but I to work it out at last. A. tried B. managed C. succeeded D. failed
  30. In recent years, medical science control over several dangerous diseases, but some of them are returning. A. achieved B. achieves C. has achieved D. had achieved SECTION B 12 points Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A,B,C and D. Fill in each blank with word or phrases that best fits the context. One day, an old beggar went to the village. He knocked at the door of a rich man to beg for food. This was a big house and at the side was built a granary (谷仓) with a big padlock. The owner of the house was 31 and he was known for never helping anyone. The beggar \\\_32 his reputation but still pleaded (恳求). “Will you give me a bit of butter or milk?” The miser said 33 , “No! Go away at once!” “Perhaps you can sweep out a bit of grain or beans for me,” the 34 beggar continued. “There isn’t anything in my house!” “How about a little bit of bread?” the beggar 35 . “Only a mouthful of food and I will be very grateful.” “Go away! I don’t have bread!” “How about some 36 ? I am thirsty.” “I don’t have water.” The beggar then said 37 to him, “My friend, why are you here? You should go to some kind-hearted people to 38 food because you are 39 than anybody else.” The miser in this story is really 40 in a material sense, but he is extremely poor in a moral sense. Rich people 41 compassion ( 怜悯) and conscience are not welcome in the society. They are likely to maintain temporary wealth but not everlasting wealth. So when we 42 our stomach, don’t forget to feed our soul at the same time.
  31. A. a manager B. an explorer C. a painter D. a miser
  32. A. was short of B. was proud of C. was aware of D. was tired of
  33. A. surprisingly B. impatiently C. strangely D. sincerely
  34. A. hungry B. crazy C. scary D. ashamed
  35. A. insisted B. ordered C. disturbed D. claimed
  36. A. food B. water C. money D. bread
  37. A. happily B. officially C. sadly D. fully
  38. A. look for B. search for C. wait for D. beg for
  39. A. richer B. poorer C. better D. braver
  40. A. wealthy B. perfect C. poor D. priceless
  41. A. about B. in C. with D. without

  42. A. have
B. own
C. feed
D. empty
4 points
Directions: Complete the following passage by using ONE word that best fits the context. Howard carter is one of the most famous explorers the world has ever known. He was bright and 43 about the world outside his hometown when he was very young. 44 the 1920s, he had become an explorer, 45 for the tombs of the Egyptian kings. In 1922, Howard Carter made his most amazing 46 of all, in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt, where he found the tomb of King Tutankhamun. 47 , not long after the tomb had been opened, people in Carter’s team began to fall ill and die strangely. Within seven years, 21 people who had 48 to do with the opening of the tomb died. Some people say the deaths were just 49 . Others believe that they were the 50 of the mummy’s curse. However, still others believe that there is a scientific explanation, because inside the tombs there are many viruses. PART THREE READING COMPREHENSION 24 points SECTION A Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage.
Making a film takes a long time and is very hard work. Writing the story for the film may take many weeks. Shooting (拍摄) the film often takes at least six months. Actors and cameramen work from very early in the morning until late at night. Each scene has to be acted and re-acted, filmed and re-filmed, until it is just fight. Sometimes the same scene has to be acted many times. The film studio is like a large factory, and the indoor stages are very big indeed. Scenery of all kinds is made in the studio. Churches, houses, and forests are all built of wood and cardboard. Several hundred people work together to make one film. Some of these people are the actors and actresses. The director of the film, however, is the most important person in a film studio. He decides how the scenes should be filmed and how the actors should act. Most people go to see a film because they know the film stars are in it. Sometimes the film may be very poor. It is best to choose a film made by a good director. Some famous directors make their films very real; people feel that they themselves are among the people in the films.
  51. Making a film is . A. very easy B. very difficult C. quite interesting D. quite funny
  52. The director of a film . A. says how each scene should be filmed B. tells the actors and actresses how they should act C. is the most important person in a film studio D. all the above
  53. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Writing the story for the film is a part of making a film.
B. The indoor stages in the film studio are very big. C. Shooting the film often takes many months. D. All of the people in film making are actors and actresses.
  54. The best title for the passage is " ". A. Making a Film B. Actors and Actresses C. A Director
D. Writing the Story
If you've been joining in chat room conversations, or trading e-mail with net pals(网友), you have become one of the millions who write in a special, short form of English. Throughout the world, every night children and their elders are "talking" online ─ many of them are talking at the same time. It's fast: trying talking to six people once. It's convenient: three or four words per exchange. It takes cleverness, concentration and quick fingers. And it requires very simple language. There's neither time nor space for explanations. Why waste valuable time telling six friends you have to leave for a moment to take care of your little brother when BRB (=be right back) will do? Want to enter a conversation? Just type PMFJI (=pardon me for jumping in). Interested in whom you're talking to? Type A/S/L, the common request to know your pal's age, sex and location. You may get 15/M/NY as a reply from your pal. If something makes you laugh, say you're OTF (=on the floor), or LOL (=laughing out loud), or join the two into ROTFL (=rolling on the floor laughing). And when it's time to get back to work or go to bed, you type GTG (=got to go) or TTYL (=talk to you later). People want to write as fast as possible, and they want to get their ideas across as quickly as they can. Capital letters are left in the dust, except when expressing feeling, as it takes more time to hold down the "shift" key and use capitals. Punctuation(标点) is going too.
  55. When people are online, they talk by . A. using body language B. drawing some strange pictures C. making phone calls D. making use of an especially short form of English
  56. The sentence “There's neither time nor space for explanations” means that . A. people should use words properly B. people should know what time it is when they are talking C. people online have to express themselves in a simple way D. people should communicate in a funny way
  57. If you get 17/F/NY as an answer to your A/S/L, it means. A. the people on the other end is 17 from New York and he is fine B. you are talking to a girl who is 17 and lives in New York C. you are talking to 17 girls who are from New York D. the people you are talking to is a 17-foot tall New York girl
  58. Which of the following is a way to save online time? A. People seldom use capital letters or punctuation marks.
B. Many people draw pictures. C. People only use the mouse instead of the keyboard. D. People never use the "shift" key.
Adventure Vacations People like different kinds of vacations. Some go camping. They swim, fish, cook over a fire and sleep outside. Others like to stay at a hotel in an exciting city. They go shopping all day and go dancing all night. Or maybe they go sightseeing to places such as Disneyland, the Tai Mahan or the Louver. Some people are bored with sightseeing trips. They don’t want to be “tourists”. They want to have an adventure--a surprising and exciting trip. They want to learn something and maybe help people too. How can they do this? Some travel companies and environmental groups are planning special adventures. Sometimes these trips are difficult and full of hardships, but they’re a lot of fun. One organization, Earth watch, sends small groups of volunteers to different parts of the world. Some volunteers spend two weeks and study the environment. Others work with animals. Others learn about people of the past. Would you like an adventure in the Far North? A team of volunteers is leaving from Mormons, Russia. The leader of this trip is a professor from Alaska. He’s worried about chemicals from factories. He and the volunteers will study this pollution in the environment. If you like exercise and cold weather, this is a



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  survey 调查;测验 add up 合计 upset adj. 心烦意乱的;不安的,不适的 ignore 不理睬;忽视 calm vt.&vi.(使)平静;(使)镇定 adj.平静的;镇定的; 沉着的 calm(...)down (使)平静下来 have got to 不得不;必须 concern(使)担心;涉及;关系到 n. 担心;关注;(利害) 关系 be concerned about 关心;挂念 walk the dog 溜狗 loose adj 松的;松开的 vet 兽医 ...


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  高中英语新课程标准 第一部分 前 言 当前我国社会发展和经济建设对公民的外语素质提出了更高的要求。 高中阶段的外语教育是 培养公民外语素质的重要过程, 它既要满足学生心智和情感态度的发展需求以及高中毕业生 就业、 升学和未来生存发展的需要, 同时还要满足国家的经济建设和科技发展对人才培养的 需求。因此,高中阶段的外语教育具有多重的人文和社会意义。 英语是高中阶段外语教育的主要语种。 高中英语课程改革的主要目的是: 建立新的外语 教育教学理念,使课程设置和课程内容具有时代性、基础性和选择性;建立灵 ...


  一,地球的形状和大小 二,地球仪地球形状的认识历程人类认识地球形状的过程天圆地方) 主观猜测(天圆地方) 环球探险) 实践探索(环球探险) 先进科技) 精确测量(先进科技)结论:地球是两极稍扁赤道略鼓的椭球体. 结论:地球是两极稍扁赤道略鼓的椭球体.试一试描述 地球的大小6357千米6378千米 平均半径6371千米表面积:5.1亿平 方千米4万千米地球仪??地球的模型找一找两者之间的差别经 线 和 经 度 的 探 究纬 线 和 纬 度 的 探 究小结??经线和纬线经线 在地球仪上,连接南 定义 ...


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